Moscow Trade Union Federation organises children's recreation and health improvement with the support of social partners annually. The work is related to the maintenance and development of children's camps, their financial and methodological support. Due to this children of the Moscow enterprises’ workers have a rest in children's recreation camps in the Moscow region and other regions of our country every year.

There young Muscovites go to hobby centers, participate in musicals, play sports, dance and take part on the project activities. Some events are aimed at the patriotic education of the younger generation.

Before each season camps’ managers, specialists of MTUF affiliates have regularly training of organising the best children's recreation and health improvement in the MTUF Training Centers.

Also Moscow Trade Union Federation makes competitions between children's recreation camps and their counselors annually. After that the winners are invited to award ceremony.

The MTUF children's out-of-town recreation camps have their own websites and pages on social networks. And photos and videos are posted, events are broadcast online there. That allows parents to observe the bright life of their child in the camp.