On 1 May, staying true to tradition Moscow Trade Union Federation leads hundreds of thousands of Muscovites on demonstrations, rallies and other actions. Capital’s Trade Unions are sure: Day of International Workers' Solidarity was and still remains the best opportunity to demonstrate our unity, cohesion and determination to the executive branch and employers and to express our demands for further improvement of the workers’ quality of life. 
Without the whole society’s solidary participation it’s impossible to solve the problems of poverty and inequality, - MTUF is sure, and also that the demand for social justice in our country is higher than ever.  
1 May was born as a day of struggle for an eight-hour working day and combines not only the memory of the past years’ labor feats, but also the desire of new generations to contribute to the development of their native country. Therefore it’s not surprising that MTUF youth activists take the most active part in the 1 May actions today.