Since 1998 MTUF together with the Moscow City government organises the annual city professional skills competition "Moscow Masters". Today it has become one of the capital's most prestigious competitions among representatives of working professions. About 20 thousand people take part in it every year, representing over 1000 capital’s enterprises and organizations.

"Moscow Masters" start in March and then during almost half a year the best participant is identified in each nominated profession. The final stages of the competition always have a special atmosphere, the fans come with their families. Along with professionals many young workers take part in the competition. Winners receive cash prizes, souvenirs and diplomas. Afterwards winners of the final stages become best of international championships and professional Olympiads on the world level.

A turning point in the development of this event was in 2002, when MTUF came forward with initiative to hold professional skills competitions among students with disabilities, it was the first step in this direction in our country. In 2014 the Trade Unions' initiative was picked up by the Moscow Department of Education and by the “Abilimpix” movement that was beginning to develop in Russia. At that time Moscow colleges were already ready to participate in serious international competitions and had mastered methods of working with disabled people. MTUF representatives are members of the organising committee of the "Moscow Abilimpix Championship".

MTUF is convinced that professional skill competitions are not only an effective tool for vocational guidance and motivating of citizens to work and grow professionally, but also the most important stage in the socialization of disabled people and their integration into society.