Moscow Trade Unions’ Museum opened in MTUF Training and Research Center with full exhibition in 2017. The one of main purposes of the Museum is to take part in the training of trade unionists as part of a course on the history of Trade Unions.

You can trip to the world of the past and the present in the Museum: to the period where our grandparents worked in the beginning of 20th century; to the period where workers of the home front did everything for the Victory in the Great Patriotic War (II World War); to the period where workers rebuilt the country after the war devastation and of course to the present days. We managed to keep the Trade Union movement alive in Russia and now millions of workers across the country are united by Trade Union organisations. The history of Trade Unions is the history of our people, of our country, of Russian families.

MTUF guests including foreign delegations usually visit the Museum. We hope when the pandemic will pass our colleagues can see the exhibition and get a lot of positive impressions from contact with our past, without that, as you know, there is no future!